PREMIUM COLLECTION – elegant and impressive 4DECK line of composite terrace boards. Composite terrace boards with dimensions of 25 mm x 140 mm are offered in four colors: brown, dark brown, graphite / anthracite, light gray and five lengths: 3.5 m, 4.0 m, 4.5 m, 5.0 m, 5.8 m, which allows free arrangement of each terrace.


Dark brown

Graphite / Anthracite

Light gray

Composite terrace and facade 4DECK boards are an innovative product that combines the natural look of wood with modern technology. The combination of wood and plastic guarantees a material that is resistant to water and weather conditions and is easy to maintain and use. Our boards consist of 60% wood dust and 30% HDPE, polyethylene with increased density. The remaining 10% are: dye, stabilizers and UV filter to protect the boards from fading.

Composite boards are often chosen as an alternative to classic wood. Their unquestionable advantage is easy care (unlike raw wood, composite boards do not require annual oiling). The 4DECK composite board system is extremely easy to assemble, even on one's own.

Advantages of composite boards

high resistance to the passage of time
high resistance to mechanical damage
high resistance to fungi and molds
high resistance to UV radiation
60% natural wood derivatives
visually very similar to wooden boards
environmentally safe product
does not require painting, oiling and maintenance
requires no preparation before assembly
does not require sanding
non-slip in dry and wet conditions
product much more durable than wooden boards
long-term warranty
wood-like structure